The work of the health and safety group

An important tool is to draw up guidelines for how you will handle a shoplifting incident and instruct the staff so that everyone knows what to do in the situation.

When you want to take measures against shoplifting, a natural place to begin is by assessing the scope of shoplifting. Based on this assessment, you can launch initiatives that can prevent shoplifting. Subsequently, it’s important to draw up guidelines for how you want to handle shoplifting situations and

Involve the health and safety group

The health and safety group has a natural role in efforts against shoplifting. Shoplifting and any conflict with suspected thieves can cause uncertainty among employees and thereby impact psychosocial working conditions.

It’s also important to involve the health and safety group and employees in work on preventing shoplifting and on preparing guidelines for how to deal with shoplifting.

Finally, the health and safety group can help ensure that all employees (also new employees, young workers and temps) receive the necessary instruction in how to act in shoplifting situations.

Tools and links

Sector guidelines on shoplifting: BFA Handel has prepared sector guidelines on shoplifting: Shoplifting – sector guidelines for employers, management and the Health and Safety Organisation. This describes how you can prevent and deal with theft at the shop, and how you can prepare using fixed procedures and guidelines.

Last revised at 04. July 2023