The health and safety work

Health and safety risk assessment, APV

The APV helps you to map the working environment, analyze what you have to do and make a plan for the effort.

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The health and safety organisation

The working environment must be ensured in cooperation between the management and the employees. Find inspiration, tools and good advice about the work of the health and safety organisation here.

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Psykosocial working environment

Conflicts with Colleagues and Costumers

Conflicts cannot be completely avoided. However it is important to manage conflicts, otherwise they will grow bigger and may become unresolvable.

Occupational Stress

Stress occurs when there is an imbalance between demands and resources over a longer period of time. Stress caused by conditions at work must be addressed at the workplace.

Shoplifting - when costumers steal

All shops occasionally experience customers that steal products. If the customer makes threats or uses violence, it’s robbery.

Materials in English from BFA Handel

All publications in English

See all publications from BFA Handel, which have been translated into English. You can find all the Danish-language materials on the Danish section of the website.

Fact sheets in English

BFA Handel's fact sheet summarizes the most important laws, regulations and good advice on key topics in the working environment.

12 films about well-being

Watch 12 short films that each cover an aspect of wellbeing and psychosocial working conditions at shops. Use the films as inspiration or watch them together.