If a colleague is exposed to offensive behaviour

Intervene against abusive acts, bullying and harassment of others.

If you witness someone being bullied or harassed, you should, as far as possible, intervene and point out this behaviour.

If you feel that you can’t intervene, for example because you’re afraid to be exposed to offensive behaviour, bullying or harassment yourself, you can go to your manager or your health and safety representative.

What to do as a colleague

As an employee, you should help ensure a safe and healthy working environment. You can help prevent offensive behaviour, bullying and sexual harassment in your workplace. You can do this by showing your colleagues respect, by trying to resolve conflicts constructively and by being positive in your communication.

  • Respect and accept your differences and your different competences and boundaries. Be respectful in your communication and keep in mind that we don’t always have the same experience of the things that are said and done.
  • Welcome new colleagues.
  • Don’t spread rumours and don’t talk behind your colleagues’ backs. Don’t say anything about others that you wouldn’t say to their face. Contribute actively to wellbeing at the workplace.
  • Speak openly about conflicts and resolve them constructively. Give each other constructive praise and feedback. Mutual trust is crucial; start by demonstrating trust yourself. And remember that making mistakes is human.
  • Help each other out and stand together.
  • Question other people’s behaviour if you find that they overstep boundaries. Talk to your colleagues about it. Make it clear that you do not tolerate bullying. If you witness bullying, talk to the management about it.

Last revised at Tuesday, July 4, 2023