Wanna lift? Lift smart - not hard

A guide to instruction and training around lifting, pulling and pushing in the retail business.

'The best way to...' is a comprehensive material for instruction and training about lifting, pulling and pushing in the retail trade. The materials can be used by employers, managers or others who are responsible for instructing employees in the correct work technique.

The booklet 'Wanna lift? Lift smart - not hard' you can read about the individual parts of 'The best way to...' and find inspiration for how it can be used in the daily instruction of employees, for teaching at staff meetings and for training new employees.

With this material, employees get a number of practical tips to be able to manage the flow of goods in the right way in a busy everyday life.

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Facts about the material

Type: Guide

Type of workplace: Larger retail business'es

Subject: Ergonomy

Audience: Managers and members of the health and safety organisation

Number of pages: 8

Published by: BFA Handel

Year of publication: 2008

New edition: 2023