12 films about well-being and job satisfaction

Watch 12 short films that each cover an aspect of wellbeing and psychosocial working conditions at shops. Use the films as inspiration or watch them together as a group, for example at a staff meeting where you want to discuss stress, bullying, employee co-influence or some other topic that affects your life at work. All films are in Danish with English subtitles.

1. Rewards and recognition

You feel appreciated when your colleagues and managers reward you and praise you for your effort. We thrive with rewards and recognition. Read more about Rewards and recognition.

2. Changes at work

Change is a part of life at most shops. However, changes at work, new IT systems, restructuring, etc. can cause uncertainty and insecurity. Read more about Changes at work

3. Predictability

Predictability is about getting the necessary information at the right time. This gives a sense of security and eliminates uncertainty. Read more about Predictability at work

4. Respectful communication

If you are respectful when you communicate with one another at the workplace, it’s a sign that you respect each other and have a culture of collaboration. Read more about Respectful communication

5. Influence

Influence at work is about being able to directly influence your own tasks and the resources and tools required to complete them. Read more about Influence at work

6. Conflict between colleagues

Conflict between colleagues can’t completely be avoided. But we can learn how to identify and manage conflicts, so that they do not increase and become serious. Read more about Conflict between colleagues

7. Demands and resources

There should be a reasonable balance between job demands and job resources, both in terms of the quantity of tasks and the content of tasks. Read more about Balance between demands and resources

8. Meaningful work

Meaningful work is work that makes sense and has purpose. Meaningful work helps improve job satisfaction and wellbeing at work. Read more about Meaningful work

9. Occupational stress

Stress occurs when there is an imbalance between demands and resources over a longer period of time.  Stress caused by conditions at work is occupationally related and must be addressed at the workplace. Read more about Occupational stress

10. Offensive behaviour

Bullying, sexual harassment and other offensive behaviour occur when one or several employees at the shop feel offended or exposed to unpleasant behaviour over a long period of time. Read more about Offensive behaviour

11. Social capital

Social capital is what makes you trust each other and collaborate successfully on your core tasks at the shop. You can work consciously to increase your social capital. Read more about Social capital

12. Social support

Help and social support is about helping, supporting and guiding each other. It also has a broader meaning and is about acceptance, trust and recognition. Read more about Help and support