Roles and responsibilities in health and safety work

Good psychosocial working conditions require collaboration between management and employees. A good working environment is therefore the joint responsibility of everyone at the workplace.

Tasks of managers

The manager is the employer representative in the health and safety organisation. Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees can perform work appropriately in terms of health and safety. Managers take active part in the work of the health and safety organisation and have a right and a duty to ensure a good working environment.

Tasks of health and safety representatives

Health and safety representatives are elected by the employees and are tasked with focussing on and promoting health and safety at the company. This does not mean that health and safety representatives should do all the practical work themselves, but that they should be part of ensuring a good working environment and should focus on preventing working environment problems.

Tasks of employee representatives

Employee representatives are also elected by the employees and are tasked with broadly safeguarding the interests of employees in relation to management. Employee representatives also take part in work related to wellbeing and stress. The employee representative is often a member of the health and safety organisation. An employee representative can also be elected as the health and safety representative by the employees and thus perform both functions.

Tasks of employees

Each employee must take an active role in ensuring a good working environment. Among other things, this means supporting efforts by the health and safety organisation and following the rules laid down for the work. Employees can help increase focus on the working environment and be part of creating a culture where a good working environment is a natural part of daily life. On the other hand, employees must also make management aware of any faults or deficiencies that may negatively impact health and safety.

Last revised at 08. February 2024